Great VA compilation released by Paracelsian Records!

Hi friends ❤️

Checkout this great VA compilation released by Paracelsian Records (Steven Beaumont).

Thank you so much to Steven for this great project, and it’s a joy to be in.

Let’s enjoy the music now!


Great VA project released by Neal D Retke!

Friends ❤️

Checkout this great VA project organized and released by Neal D Retke!

Thank you so much to Neal for inviting me to participate.

It’s a joy to be in alongside :

Lezet / Wilfried Hanrath / Christopher Petkus / Angel Marcloid / Yaka Anima / pszren / Stan Reed / Shaun Robert / Brunk / Humanfobia / PENDRO / Yann Pillas / Ben Presto / NorthWoods / John Bruce Wallace / Hayley Raygun / Dolores Mondo Stash / Kris T Reeder / IDTAL Alliance / Albert Negredo



MUWN “Reverse the order”

Hi friends, Hope that all of you are doing fine !
It’s a great joy again ! 
A MUWN track “Reverse the order” is released 19 December 2017 on the V.A. compilation “HNM 600” by HNM Records (U.K.).
This compilation is to celebrate HNM Records’ 600th release
Thanks so much to all ! ❤
Special thanks to Theo ! He’s also on this compilation with a track from is project MEAN FLOW ❤
HNM 600 Various Artist compilation with :
 Convivial Cannibal Clan, Die Eclectics, Sea of Åland, Cum Gutter featuring M Lamar, Death Noir, Kanchenjunga, No-Joy, Gaitoh, KRYPTEK, Awkward Geisha, Loss Of Limb, ODORBABY / {AN} EeL, The Dead Yesterdays, Money Hater, Problem Anderer Leute, Hari Hardman, Koobaatoo Asparagus, Dr. NoiseM, Jacob Levesque, Lord Cernunnos, chaosavant, Ben Presto, Flakka Project, I ♥ Black Bear, Sleep Column, M.NOMIZED, DZKYIN feat. Uruly, Adeptus Mechanicus vs. √π-, Mean Flow, Status: Kawakami, SRVTR, Peter Kompripiotr Holzknecht, Painful Defecation, Kazuya Ishigami, I, Eternal, Pasrah, Puta Malaria, MOYO, Gene A Santiago-Holt, KKHM14S, CPTN Uzncwz, Cosmic Indifference, MonyetRage, E13, Daniel Pico, Mince Splatters, Pure F.U.N, Indead, Ludwig Dementgenstein, 53704, Gvillotina, Walt Thisney, CixolXV-men, Mitei Noise Narico, Tarmförskjutning, COLOSSUS, LEZET, MUWN, Anal Ricochet, Adarkah Ianqu, Harsh Noise Movement.
Here you can  listen and dowload the whole compilation :
Enjoy it !


MUWN track “No Lo hace”

Hi friends,
It’s a great joy !
This is the first time that a MUWN track is released by Piety Circuit Pinelands/Kitsch Magik netlabel compilation
MUWN – No lo hace (30.11.2017) track n°3 out of 16 from “Kitsch Magik PCP Presents The Inglourious Basterds” by Kitsch Magik Tapes (Stratford, New Jersey, U.S.A.).
FREE (name your price) DOWNLOAD BANDCAMP Various Artists compilation called “Kitsch Magik PCP Presents The Inglourious Basterds” by Kitsch Magik Tapes (Stratford, New Jersey, U.S.A.) at 30th November 2017
You can listen/download full compilation here :

Thanks so much friends and family !
Special thanks to all at Kitsch Magik Piety Circuit Pinelands, and to Theofil Tsiolakakis for inviting me to participate ! It was a great idea Theo !